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Singapore Authentic Designer Handbags Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bags NO Enough?
Bags NO Enough is a Singapore registered organization unlike other website registered elsewhere or operate without a business or license. We provides an online borrowing Service of Authentic Designer Handbags to its registered Customers. This online borrowing Service is offering for age 20 years old and above residence in Singapore only. Members MUST be either a Singaporean or a Singapore Permanent Residence. The Service currently allows registered Members to borrow our handbags in a flat weekly fee for up to maximum of 8 weeks.

Are these Designer bags Original & New?
At Bags NO Enough, we carry only Authentic Designer Bags and bought them brand new from it's boutique. Of course, these bags are subjected to rental after we acquired them.

Is there any Hidden Cost?
At Bags NO Enough we do not collect deposit or membership fee, online registration are FREE!. All quoted price are flat weekly rental fee; you just need to pay the quoted price multiple by the number of weeks you like to borrow and nothing else!
We are not a GST registered company; therefore no tax will be imposed to you.

What is the Delivery Charges?
Bags NO Enough absorb all shipping costs and deliver it to your doorstep, the price you see is the price you pay with no hidden costs! Delivery will be made within 48 hours after the order is confirmed; you will be inform of the delivery schedule.

How do I Return the bag?
You will receive a SMS alert or phone call from us one day before the due date. Simply reply to our SMS of your preference time, and we will pick it up at you doorstep absolutely FREE!

How to get Started?
Register yourself here if you haven't do so otherwise login here (You are required to maintain up-to-date details of yourself so that we do not miss your order). Browse our wide range of Authentic Designer handbags by means of "Brand", "Types" and select your desired handbag you like by simply clicking on it. On the product information page, select the number of weeks you like to borrow and click on "Rent Now". You will be directed to your cart showing your selection; click on the "Go To Checkout" to proceed.

3 Simple Steps To Start Borrowing?
1. Step 1 will show you your delivery information. Click on "Continue Checkout" to proceed if all details are correct (You can input additional instructions or comments at this page).
2. Step 2 will show you your payment information. Agree to the terms & conditions by checking the checkbox after reading it; confirm your shipping address; and select your preferred payment method.
3. Step 3 will show you the complete information of your order. Complete your order by clicking the "Confirm The Order" if all details are correct otherwise your can edit them before proceeding.
You will receive a order confirmation on the screen as well as an email to you shortly.

What if the bag I want was Rented Out?
We accept your queue of the desired bag you want on first-come-first-served-basis. Simply send us an email and indicate which bag you want and how long you like to have it. We will inform you the tentative waiting time unlike other website where you do not get an update on waiting time.

What if I would like to Extend more than 8 weeks?
Currently we take orders of up to 8 weeks rental in order to maximizes the chances for other Customers to borrow the same bag. However, you are welcome to inform us if you have this requirement. Decision will be given at the discretion of the Store Management.

How many bags can I rent at one-time?
Members can rent up to 2 bags at any one-time.

What is the Charges if I dirty, break, damage or lost the bag?
Normal wear and tear are acceptable. Inform us as soon as you can for us to assess the repair/servicing cost due to dirt, break or damages. Product replacement cost will be charged if the damages is beyond repair to its intended state/condition. Replacement fee is based-on the demand, the requisition, it's condition and it's value at our store. If the bags is lost, product replacement fee will be charged to you.

How do I get a Refund?
Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management.

How come you do not carry some Bags I Want?
Log on to our website to inform us your recommendation and we will put into consideration. Decision will be made in accordance to demand and availability.

Can I Buy the bag I like?
We do not normally resell our bags unless we deem necessary. Look out for our 'RENT-2-KEEP'.

What is 'RENT-2-KEEP'?
Overtime, we will refresh our bags to upkeep with the demand and fashion trend. 'RENT-2-KEEP™' is a sole discretion of 'Bags No Enough'; a program that benefits our members to rent them for X numbers of continuous weeks and keep them there after. The 'Rent-2-Keep™'<Xwks> where X refers to the number of continuous weeks of rental and you can keep it for good! 'RENT-2-KEEP™' bags are not applicable to first-time members; members must have at least rented our bags in order to be eligible for our 'RENT-2-KEEP™' program. 'Rent-2-Keep™' bags are not applicable for any other promotion or discount unless otherwise stated herein.

What is consignment 'RENT-2-KEEP'?
Just like our 'Rent-2-Keep™' program where members can place their bags with us for other members to rent for 12 continuous weeks and keep them there after. Members who placed their bags with us are registered members with 'Bags No Enough' where we undertake a strict process to ensure authenticity and good condition before the bags are placed on consignment with us. All consignment bags must be purchased from boutiques or reputable resellers with official receipts and authenticity cards if applicable. Members who participate in our consignment 'Rent-2-Keep™' are required to sign a consignment agreement with us to warrant authenticity of the bag. Similarly consignment 'Rent-2-Keep™' bags are not applicable for any other promotion or discount unless otherwise stated herein.

How do I apply for consignment 'RENT-2-KEEP'?
You must be already a registered member with us if not simply sign up here. Next send an email to Rent2Keep@BagsNoEnough.com.sg of your intention and we shall revert with a form for detail information. Thereafter, we will arrange to collect the bag from you and collect a non-refundable $48.80 consignment fee in cash for each bag you placed on consignment with us. The consignment fee shall covers administration, professional photography, courier and hosting cost. You are required to sign a consignment agreement to warrant the authenticity of the bag you are putting on consignment with us apart from other terms. Each consignment agreement validity is 6 months; and the handbag shall be returned to you if it's not sold unless in the midst of the 'Rent-2-Keep™' terms. If the bag is rented out during the consignment period, we will collect 20% commission of the rental proceeds.

What Payment methods do you accept?
We accept VISA or MASTERCARD payable by PayPal secure payment gateway. To simplify online payment thru PayPal, you do NOT need to be a member of PayPal to complete the payment; you simply need to provide your payment information on PayPal website. Payment information though PayPal are protected by PayPal website without exposing your information to merchant.

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